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Meadows Marine Surveyors Will Give You an Unbiased Report on the Condition of the Vessel at the Time of the Survey

A pre-purchase survey is recommended when purchasing a new or used vessel. A pre-purchase survey entails an independent and comprehensive examination of the general condition of the vessel on the day of the survey.

Noninvasive techniques are used to determine:

The structural integrity and condition of the accessible areas of the hull, deck and cabin structures.
The vessel’s auxiliary systems including electrical, propane, fresh water systems, holding tank systems, safety equipment, auxiliary power and steering, are assessed to determine if they are marine grade, installed correctly, code compliant and whether they have any safety issues that need addressing.
Engines are assessed externally with regard to visible features such as mounts, alignment, plumbing and wiring. This is not a detailed engine inspection. It is recommended that an in depth mechanical inspection be carried out by a professional marine engine mechanic.
On sail boats, the standing rigging and masts will be visually assessed from the deck level only. The surveyor will not be going aloft. If a more detailed inspection is required, a rigging specialist is recommended. Sails will not be spread for inspection. An in depth appraisal of sails is the province of sail makers; however, the surveyor will hoist and visually inspect the sails if requested.

Written reports provide:

A complete legal description of the vessel
An inventory of the vessel's systems and equipment
An appraisal of the vessel's suitability for its intended use and cruising waters
An insurance valuation
A discussion of the vessel's condition including defects found
A report of safety recommendations for upgrading or renewal in order that the vessel be compliant for insurance purposes with various codes including those of Transport Canada TP1332E ‘Construction Standards for Small Vessels’ and the American Boat and Yacht Council guidelines.

Pre-purchase surveys are accepted for financing or insurance purposes.

It is recommended, if possible, that the client attend the survey so that any issues can be shown and discussed. We try to have the completed survey report written up and sent out within three business days.

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